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4 Paperback bundle - AJ Starter Pack - SIGNED BY AUTHOR

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Signed by the Author

The first books in four different series from #1 international bestseller A.J. Stewart in one bundle.


Stiff Arm Steal - Book 1 in the Miami Jones Mystery Series

Clearer Waters - Book 1 in the Baskin Island Mysteries

The Final Tour - Book 1 in the John Flynn Thriller Series

Temple of Gold - Book 1 in the Lenny and Lucas Adventure Series


Stiff Arm Steal

Is a mysterious theft the start of something deadly?

When a Palm Beach socialite is burgled, it looks like a routine case. Until Miami Jones discovers what was taken, and how many of them are disappearing all over Florida.

Clearer Waters

Police Diver Samantha Waters embraces the frigid water off the British coast, but when a high-stakes rescue results in disciplinary action, Sam finds herself restricted to shore duty with too much time on her hands.

That is until her mother suggests she take a break and visit the uncle she hasn’t seen since childhood.

In Florida.

Sam finds herself on a sleepy gulf island that is different from her home on the Isle of Wight in so many ways. For starters, it’s sunny and it’s hot—and that’s winter. But there’s also something comfortingly familiar about island people . . .

When Sam goes out for a moonlit paddle she finds more than tranquility and lands in the middle of a murder investigation.

To hunt down the killer, Sam teams up with the local sheriff’s detective, Dusty. Dusty would rather work the case alone, but Sam won’t let things go and the list of suspects with motive and opportunity grows longer with each new twist and turn.

In these murky currents, Sam fights to keep her head above water until the mystery becomes crystal clear.

The Final Tour

Warrior. Patriot. Traitor?

The son of a Marine, John Flynn always wanted to serve. He just never expected it to be in the French Foreign Legion. Assumed names, different nationalities, different languages, a collection of misfits. And the world's elite terrorist hunters.

Sent to Iraq during the US drawdown on what appears to be a routine investigation, Flynn—now Fontaine—and his unit find themselves under attack from insurgents, the military, and unseen forces with widespread political connections. With their careers—if not their lives—under threat, Fontaine must lead his unit through the fire if this isn't to become their final tour of duty.

Temple of Gold

A Marine questioning his orders.
An SAS soldier with a healthy disregard for authority.
Tales of slaves and temples in the Kampuchean jungle.

The First Lenny & Lucas Adventure

Lenny Cox joined the Marines to protect the innocent. The adventure was a bonus. So lying in the humid Southeast Asian jungle watching over a CIA supply drop is his idea of a good day out. That's until he sees the recipient of the drop is an ex-Khmer Rouge unit, four years after the killing fields.

Lenny does what he should never do—he searches for the truth. But in this place the truth is slippery, and everybody has dirty hands. Even the peasants taken as slaves.

He figures there's not much a lone Marine can do, until a chance encounter with an Australian SAS soldier who might know as much as Lenny knows, and might be just as unhappy about it.

Together they take on their own governments, spies, and the Khmer Rouge, in a part of the world that the rest of the world just wants to forget.


Readers say:

★★★★★ “This is a book - indeed a series - not to be missed.”

★★★★★ "After long hard hours at work on the graveyard shift in an ER...some escape, refreshment, renewal and reassurance that there are stories of goodness."

★★★★★  “The Miami Jones Series just keeps getting better.”

★★★★★ “What a treat to find an author that delights in twists and turns and good guys with good endings.”

★★★★★ “Literally could not put this book down.”

★★★★★ “If you have anything you need to do, don’t start reading this book.”

Critics say:

"...strong, unstereotyped, and engaging..." Kirkus Reviews

"a well-balanced mix of intrigue, dry humor, and wit..." Manhattan Book Review

"Robert B. Parker meets Carl Hiaasen." - Bookbub

"A five-star romp by one of the best mystery writers around." - Charles Ray Reviews

“A rollicking good read.” - San Francisco Book Review
"Combines a nuanced lead with a challenging whodunit." - Publishers Weekly/Booklife


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